It’s not too late to find ‘Lost’

12 04 2010

Well, actually, if you haven’t found “Lost” before now, you might as well just wait until it’s done in six weeks and then watch the whole thing on DVD. Which is pretty much what Erin, my fiancee, and I did. We watched seasons 1-5 on DVD last fall over the course of a few months. With a show like “Lost,” that was the perfect way to watch the episodes. There are so many twists and turns and little hints, I can’t imagine how these people who watched the series when it originally aired were able to keep it all straight over all those years. And believe me, there are people out there who keep it ALL straight, and then some.

Do a Google search for “Lost” and you’ll find hundreds of Websites with thousands of theories revolving around the myriad of mysteries introduced by the show’s writers. That’s the great thing (insert sarcasm emoticon here if there was one) about the Internet. Everyone is an expert on quantum physics and how it relates to an island in the South Pacific where two apparently supernatural beings are warring over humanity’s innate goodness. Some of these people must have watched every episode 100 times. That’s about what it takes to catch everything in an episode of “Lost.” It truly is not a show for casual viewers, or ones who have come to the show late. But for those fans who have stuck with the show through 5+ seasons, it is almost time for the big payoff.

Next month, the final episode will air. And while Season 6 has answered some questions, there are still many more questions waiting for resolution. Executive Producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse have promised answers to many of the questions, but they also have said other mysteries will remain candidates for “Unsolved Mysteries – The Lost Edition.” And that’s probably for the best. That’s part of the whole mystique of the show. It’s not like other TV shows, and that’s why I like it, and why some people don’t.

I am so frustrated with the average viewer’s impatience with serial TV shows. Shows like “FlashForward” and “V” opened with huge ratings, only to see viewership drop off by more than 50 percent in following weeks. The most common complaint is people felt the shows were moving too slowly. Now, these shows may not survive to see a second season, even though they both are excellent hours of TV. People are so impatient. We want the answers and we want them now. In a world of Google, high-speed Internet and 24-hours news networks, no one is willing to wait for a resolution, even if there is a very good story being told in the process.

“Lost” has taken a long, sometimes-convoluted path over the last 5+ seasons. Some parts of the story have worked for me better than others. But through it all, I have been willing to wait and see what the writers had in store for we, the viewers. The main reason for that is that the writers have done a great job of making us care about the characters as much as we care about the mysteries of the Smoke Monster or The Others. The flashbacks of season 1-4 were always expertly written to show us more about the characters, move the overall story forward and tie into the “present” story that was taking place on the island.

So if you have never watched “Lost,” wait until Season 6 comes out on DVD then buy all 6 seasons or get them from Netflix and watch them all. If you love mysteries and/or sci-fi, “Lost” will definitely rank in your Top 5 shows of all time. What’s the worst that can happen? You’ll spend hundreds of dollars and waste more than 120 hours of your life. But I doubt that too many people would feel that way after watching all 6 seasons. I know I sure don’t.




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