Taking a walk on the wild side – Kingwood style

16 04 2010

Yesterday, the weather was so beautiful that we decided to take the kids to the Kingwood Center (www.kingwoodcenter.org) in Mansfield. The sun was shining and the kids were excited to see the flora and fauna that populate the beautiful plot of land nestled in the midst of Mansfield’s urban decay. It’s a sight for sore eyes.
So the five of us (plus Addie pushing her Hello Kitty doll in her baby stroller) set out to see what the center had to offer on a beautiful spring day. Since it’s still so early in the season, the center did not have all the fountains flowing or flowers planted yet. But there was still plenty of beautiful scenery to take in through our eyes or the lens of the camera.
There were several varieties of daffodils in bloom. Their yellow and white blooms lined side by side created a sea of beauty. There were a few other types of flowers and plants that were blooming but most of them are waiting for warmer weather to stick around a little longer. The high is supposed to be 72 today and then 50 tomorrow. That kind of weather is not very conducive to plant health. But we weren’t complaining on Thursday when the temperatures were in the 70s and we were enjoying the scenery.
After we had made our way through most of the park, we were back by the duck pond when we heard what sounded like a peacock call. We had not seen the vibrant-colored birds yet on our walk so we headed down the path that goes along the “back side” of the pond for lack of a better term. There, nestled between some small trees and a building were one male peacock and two female peacocks. We stood and watched for awhile but none of them were doing too much.
So we continued down the path. After we sat for awhile and saw the few plants that were down that way, we turned around and headed back toward the car. As we passed the peacocks, we were happy to see that the male peacock had his colorful plumage on full display. He was posing, trying to impress the female walking around in front of him. This went on for several minutes as the female continued to search for food on the ground, ignoring the male’s best efforts. At times, he got more aggressive and began to quickly shake his feathers. Eventually, the female tired of all his preening and walked away. He got the message as he woefully watched her walking away. Slowly, he lowered his feathers and went back to his normal activities.
I was so glad that the kids (and Erin and I) got to see this. There are not enough opportunities these days for kids to take part in nature and see God’s creation in action. I’m also very glad our kids appreciate these opportunities and enjoyed and learned from it. It was a very cool experience. And one we wouldn’t have had if Erin and I weren’t both working from home now. So thank you God for letting us have these experiences with our kids. A trip to Kingwood – $5 starting Saturday. Dinner at Cici’s afterwards – $25. Enjoying nature with your kids – priceless.




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16 04 2010

It was a perfect day with the kids and a perfect day for us to get in some of our nature photography. If anyone is interested in prints, send us a message! 🙂

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