38 and counting

25 01 2011

Saturday was the 38th anniversary of the day that I came into this world. We just had a simple celebration – lasagna, salad and German banana cake. It was delicious. Erin and the kids all went out of their way to make me feel special. I think Addie, our 3 year old, told me at least 100 times, “Happy birthday, birthday boy.” And Emma, our 7 year old, made me a whole pile of precious pictures and cards. And Nassem, our 11 year old, helped make the cake, frosting it to look like a book. I definitely felt the love. It made turning 38 pleasant.

Now that I have been here on planet Earth for 38 years, I have high hopes for my 39th year. I know that God is in control of everything that will happen to me this year, but there are some things that my family and I are working towards. God won’t just magically make things happen. He uses people to carry out His will, and unless we are putting in the work, He can’t help us see the results. So my goals for the next 12 months include finding a full-time job, finishing my first novel, helping Erin with her book(s), continuing to network and meet other amazing authors, and continuing to grow as a partner, father, writer, Christian, overall human being. In case you couldn’t tell, I don’t want my 39th year to be a year of stagnation. I want it to be a year of growth and positive change. My 38th year was a year of ups and downs but it overall was a positive year, with me finally getting to work on my first novel with several other stories in outline form, starting this blog, networking with other writers and growing as a person.

God willing, I am less than halfway through my life. Hopefully, I have 50 or more years of life left. That gives me a lot of hope. That means I still have lots  of time to accomplish all that I want/need/am destined to accomplish. That’s a pretty long list. Every day I am trying to make a  positive difference and take steps to accomplishing things that are on that list. Some days that goes better than others. But with God’s help, I know that I can make my 39th year on this planet a great one – one that will bring me ever closer to my ultimate destination. I’m looking forward to the journey. I hope some of you will continue to join me by reading this blog.




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25 01 2011

Stay the course, bro. Great goals!

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