A wild week of reviews

2 03 2012

It has been way too long since I’ve posted any book reviews. That’s the bad news. The good news is, I have read plenty of books in the months since my last review, so I have many book reviews ready to go.

Next week, to get caught up a little on my back-logged reviews, I will post one review every day Monday, March 5, through Saturday, March 10. That’s right: Six reviews in six days! The books I will review, in no particular order are:







– Ghost Country by Patrick Lee

– Corridor by Robin Parrish

– The Paradise Prophecy by Robert Browne

– The Devil’s Elixir by Raymond Khoury

– Forbidden by Ted Dekker and Tosca Lee

– Invasion by J.S. Lewis

So check back every day next week to see my thoughts on six amazing books. Please feel free to leave comments about any of them. I love to hear from my readers.




7 responses

13 04 2012
Robert Gregory Browne

Did I miss the Paradise Prophecy review? I was looking forward to it…

13 04 2012

Robert, I am sooooo sorry. I had some things come up, like starting a new job with a 3-hour daily commute, right that week. I did not get your review done and posted. I was saving it for the big week-ending climax and instead it didn’t get done. So I apologize. However, next week, I am going to be doing Wild Week of Reviews part 2, with 5 more reviews. I will do yours first to make sure it gets done this time. 🙂 Thank you so much for your interest in the review. But now I am feeling even more pressure to make sure it’s well-written. LOL

13 04 2012
Robert Gregory Browne

Don’t sweat it, Tim. I just saw that you were planning to review it and am always curious what reviewers/readers have to say, good or bad. So don’t feel any pressure from me. And don’t feel rushed. I was just curious. 😉

13 04 2012
Robert Gregory Browne

P.S. Three hour daily commute? Yikes!

13 04 2012

Yeah an hour and a half each way. But it is a good job so I do the drive.

14 04 2012
Robert Gregory Browne

Make sure you load your phone/ipad/audio player with plenty of audiobooks!

16 04 2012

I’ve never listened to audiobooks before but I think I may have to try it.

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