Book Review – Ghost Country by Patrick Lee

5 03 2012

Ghost Country

By Patrick Lee


In stores now

Last year, I reviewed “The Breach,” the first book in Patrick Lee’s series of sci-fi thrillers. Earlier this year, I finally got around to reading the second book, “Ghost Country” and it was well worth the wait. If you want to get up to speed on the background from the first novel, you can read my review here.

“Ghost Country” picks up the story of the shadow agency known as Tangent and the mysterious objects that pass through the anomaly known as The Breach. The book opens as Tangent member Paige Campbell and other members of her team leave the White House after presenting the president with information about one of the devices that has passed through The Breach. Their motorcade is attacked on the streets of Washington, D.C., and Paige is the only survivor. Before the unknown assailants can take her into custody, Paige gets off a quick voice mail message to her colleague, Bethany Stewart. Enter Travis Chase.

An ex-cop and former lover of Paige Campbell, Travis Chase has tried to distance himself from the shadowy group known as Tangent after what was revealed to him in “The Breach.” He is working a menial job, trying to forget about the future he may be headed for and trying to not think about Tangent or Paige. But when Bethany calls and tells him Paige is in danger, Travis answers the call.

Travis and Bethany discover that Paige had used a Breach device known as an Iris, which had shown her a bleak, desolate future about 70 years in the future where much of the world’s population appears to have been destroyed. Even worse, what ever event caused this future will happen in a matter of months. Together, Travis and Bethany set off to rescue Paige and prevent an unknown cataclysm which may already be under way.

“Ghost Country” is essentially “24” in sci-fi novel format, with non-stop action. Or maybe a more accurate comparisons is “Fringe” on speed. This book was a quick read, as I couldn’t stop turning the pages to find out what happened next. I loved that even though this is the middle book of a trilogy, each book stands alone as a story, with no slow-down as sometimes happens in traditional trilogies.The plot naturally moved from one high-tension moment to the next, keeping me invested in the characters and their fates. The plot twists and roller-coaster action combined with characters you can care about made “Ghost Country” a great addition to the techno-thriller genre.

The third and reportedly final novel in the series, “Deep Sky” released recently and is near the top of my “To Read” pile. I can’t wait to see how Lee wraps up this series and tie it all together.

On a scale of 1 to 5 stars, I give “Ghost Country” 4 stars.




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