What’s in a name?

23 04 2012

If, like me, you are a huge fan of thrillers by the likes of Steve Berry, Dan Brown or James Rollins, then you probably have noticed the same trend I have seen in book titles.

It goes a little something like this: Start with “The,” add the name of a place or person, and finally end with a noun, most commonly “code,” “conspiracy,” “secret,” “legacy” or “prophecy.” I am not sure if Dan Brown and his “The DaVinci Code” are to blame or not, but it certainly seems like since his book became a mega-hit seven years ago, many authors have decided to jump on the naming bandwagon.

Just last week, during my Wild Week of Reviews II, on consecutive days, I had books with the word “prophecy” in the title.

Need some examples:

Steve Berry

The Jefferson Key

The Columbus Affair

The Paris Vendetta

The Charlemagne Pursuit

The Venetian Betrayal

The Alexandria Link

The Romanov Prophecy


Tom Harper

The Lazarus Vault

James Becker

The Nosferatu Scroll

The Messiah Secret

The Moses Stone


Scott Mariani

The Mozart Conspiracy


Mario Reading

The Nostradamus Prophecies

The Mayan Codex


Paul Maier

The Constantine Codex


Graham Brown

The Eden Prophecy


Robert Masello

The Medusa Amulet


Charles Brokaw

The Lucifer Code

The Atlantis Code


Robert Browne

The Paradise Prophecy

And I’m sure there are lots more that fit the pattern that I am not thinking of right now, but there are 20 examples by 10 different authors. And if you throw in the popular variation, “The (something) of (something)” or “The (something) for (something) there are dozens of more examples I could share.

Of course, for every thriller published that fits one of these patterns, there are dozens that don’t. So there’s no profound, earth-shattering discovery here or anything. Just my two cents I like to call The Busbey Legacy. Or maybe The Busbey Prophecy.




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