An interview with suspense author Keith Rommel

2 10 2012

Hi Keith, welcome to my world where we discuss all things thrilling and suspenseful. Thanks for joining us during your blog tour!

Thank you very much for having me! I hope you don’t mind if I make myself comfortable. I love all things thrilling and suspenseful.

Q:  Your book series, of which The Lurking Man is #2, is called The Thanatology Series. What does Thanatology mean and how does it relate to your books?

A: Thanatology is the scientific study of death and dying and the practices associated with it, including the needs of the terminally ill and their families.

I know the subject matter is dark, and it sounds as though it might be filled with blood and gore. But readers beware. Although there is a sense of eerie horror that lingers throughout both stories, suspense is the predominant drivers. The Cursed Man (book 1) was conceived from a mind that believed the entity of Death was in love with him. And in The Lurking Man (book 2) is told through the eyes of a woman that is so disillusioned and consumed with addictions, that when she is confronted by Death and given a second chance at life, she fails to understand that when you make a deal with Death, there is a price to be paid…

Thanatology, as applied to the series is merely a theme that interconnects each book in a subtle way. The unique thing about the series is that it can be read in any order. Read the rest of this entry »

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