Book Review – The Sanctuary by Ted Dekker

22 04 2013

thesanctuaryThe Sanctuary

By Ted Dekker

Center Street

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Good vs. evil. Sacrifice. Redemption. Love. These themes permeate most of the works by suspense author Ted Dekker. The Sanctuary is no exception.

A sequel to 2011’s The Priest’s Graveyard, The Sanctuary picks up 7 years after Graveyard, with former vigilante priest Danny Hansen in prison serving 50 years for two murders he didn’t commit, although he is far from innocent. Filled with remorse for the men he has killed, Danny has vowed to live the rest of his life by a code of non-violence. The love of his life, Renee Gilmore, is attempting to keep her life together without her savior — the man who is spending the rest of his life in prison for two murders she committed.

While far from idyllic, the two have settled into relatively comfortable routines in their respective lives — Danny in prison and Renee in a prison of her own making — until that normalcy is shaken to its foundations. On the same day Danny is being transferred to a new experimental prison known as Basal, Renee receives a phone call threatening Danny’s life and a box containing a severed finger in the mail. Read the rest of this entry »

Book Review – The Roswell Conspiracy by Boyd Morrison

4 04 2013

roswell-conspiracy-pressThe Roswell Conspiracy

By Boyd Morrison

Available Now

Boyd Morrison’s story is one that is indicative of the changes in the publishing industry over the past five years. Morrison started his writing career by self-publishing his first three novels — The Catalyst, Rogue Wave and The Ark. Through smart marketing and skilled writing, Morrison was able to carve out a large following, selling thousands of his books online. This success spurred a bidding war that ended with Morrison publishing his breakout hit The Ark with Touchstone Books, a division of Simon & Schuster.

After publishing The Ark and The Vault, his U.S. publisher was not happy with the manuscript he turned in for this third Tyler Locke book. So Morrison suddenly found himself without a publisher in the U.S., although his UK publisher was more than happy to publish his next book, The Roswell Conspiracy. That left Morrison in the strange situation of being self-published in the US and traditionally published in the UK. I am very glad he was able to get the story out here in the U.S. as he again has written a fun thrill-ride of a read.

In the first two Tyler Locke books, Morrison tackled the historical mysteries of Noah’s Ark and King Midas. This time, he tackles a subject that is even more popular and written about more frequently – The Roswell Incident. As always, Morrison eschews the traditional, well-worn theories and ideas and comes up with his own unique spin on the mystery. If you think you know every theory about the Roswell Incident, guess again.

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