Book Review – Afloat by Erin Healy

5 06 2013


By Erin Healy

Thomas Nelson

In Stores Now

What will you do when push comes to shove? When everything is on the line, what choices will you make? Who will you choose to trust? Where will you put your faith?

These questions are at the heart of the new supernatural suspense novel Afloat by Christian author Erin Healy. I had already read The Baker’s Wife and The Promise She Keeps by Healy and the description of Afloat grabbed my eye, so I was excited to jump into Afloat when it arrived on my doorstep.

After getting off to a slow start as Healy sets the scene and introduces the cast of characters, Afloat launches into a tale of murder, greed, revenge and love. Danielle Clement is a single mom struggling to raise her son, Simeon. Desperate to make ends meet, she has let real estate developer Tony Dean help her out by providing her a job and a place to live —  the amazing floating condominiums known as Eagle’s Talon. The complex is the dream project for architect Vance Nolan, but his dream is about to become a nightmare. When a sinkhole gives way and the cove is flooded and cut off from the outside world, those left behind are entangled in a battle to survive.

Much like in The Lord of the Flies, the characters in Afloat are cut off from civilization and are forced to make tough choices to try to make it through the disasters that strike. Secrets are revealed as Healy slowly unpeels the characters’ layered backstories. In Afloat, some of the characters make good choices, and some make really bad choices — just like in real life.

Although the book took a little while to grab my attention, once it did, it wouldn’t let go. With many twists and turns, the book will keep you guessing as Healy leads you to the satisfying conclusion.

 Much like her former writing partner Ted Dekker, Healy is a master of using allegory, a great way to make a point without hitting someone over the head with your message. The supernatural and the spiritual meld seamlessly in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. Afloat will leave you thinking about faith, trust, loyalty and honesty, among other things.

If you enjoy supernatural suspense stories told from a Christian perspective, you should give Afloat and Healy’s other works a try.

On a scale of 1 to 5, I give Afloat a 4.

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5 06 2013
Erin Healy

Tim, thanks for taking the time to read my book and give it such a thoughtful review. You have read it the way I hope many will.

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