Want to win some free books?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

4 08 2012

Of course you do! Who doesn’t want to win free books? OK, maybe some people out there are not big book fans. But we will excuse them. Not everyone can be as smart as we are and realize how awesome books are 🙂

This week, I will be reviewing books by Robert Liparulo (The 13th Tribe), Davis Bunn (Rare Earth), Ben Coes (The Last Refuge) and Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl).  I will be giving away copies of The 13th Tribe, Rare Earth and The Last Refuge. A big thank you to the authors for letting me give away copies of their books.

What do you have to do to win? It’s so easy. To be entered to win, all you have to do is comment on the review of the book you want to win. That’s all. Just leave a comment on my review (please include your email address so I can contact you if you win) and you will be entered to win. Want even more chances to win? If you follow my blog, I’ll enter your name a second time. If you follow me on Twitter (@tbusbey), I will give you another entry in the drawing. So that’s how easy it is.

Just watch my blog next week to see if the book you want to win is reviewed that day, and then enter to win. I will announce the winners of each book on Monday, August 13th. I will contact the winners that day.

I hope to see you all at my blog next week. Be sure to comment for a chance to win.

Good luck!


And the winner is …..

27 06 2012

Last week, I started a contest to give away a paperback copy of Robert Browne’s The Paradise Prophecy.

After collecting the entries, I randomly chose a winner. And the lucky winner of the book is Michelle Miller.

Thank you to all who entered. I will be having more giveaways in the near future, including the newest books from Jeremy Robinson, Ben Coes and Robert Liparulo.

Tomorrow, check back for my review of Robert Browne’s newest thriller, Trial Junkies.

Book Giveaway – Win a copy of The Paradise Prophecy by Robert Browne

19 06 2012

In April, I reviewed The Paradise Prophecy, a supernatural thriller by Robert Browne. Here is a link to my review.

Now, Robert has been kind enough to let me host a giveaway for a paperback copy of The Paradise Prophecy.

Here is the story summary from the publisher:

A spectacular thriller inspired by John Milton’s Paradise Lost in which the final chapter of the War in Heaven is about to play out on Earth, with the fate of humanity hanging in the balance.

The Myth

When God cast the archangel Satan into Hell, ending the War in Heaven, peace prevailed on Earth. Until the fallen angels took revenge in the Garden of Eden. Ever since, mankind has been in a struggle between good and evil, paradise and apocalypse: the fall of Rome, The Crusades, World Wars, nuclear proliferation, the Middle East Crisis… The War in Heaven never really ended-it just changed venues. For millennia, God’s angels have been fighting Satan’s demons on Earth, all in hopes of bringing about Satan’s greatest ambition, the Apocalypse.

The Reality

Satan has never been closer to his goal than right now.

Agent Bernadette Callahan is a talented investigator at a shadowy government organization known only as Section, on the trail of a serial killer with nearly supernatural abilities. Sebastian “Batty” LaLaurie is a religious historian who knows far too much about the other side- and that hard-earned knowledge is exactly what Callahan needs. This unlikely duo pair up for a race across the globe, decoding clues left in ancient texts from the Bible to Paradise Lost and beyond. In the process they stumble upon a vast conspiracy-one beyond the scope of mankind’s darkest imagination. 

There are a number of easy ways for you to get multiple entries in the contest. One week from today, I will randomly pick a winner from all the entries. Here are the ways you can enter the contest to win a paperback copy of The Paradise Prophecy by Robert Browne:

1) Comment on this post for one entry.

2) Follow Robert on Twitter for one entry. His account is @robert_browne.

3) Follow me on Twitter for one entry. My account is @tbusbey.

4) Tweet about this giveaway for one entry. Be sure to include @tbusbey in your tweet so I know you tweeted.

5) Subscribe to Robert’s newsletter for one entry. You can click here and enter your information.

6) Subscribe to my blog for one entry.

So you can enter up to six times to win. Enter as many ways as you want. You do not have to do all six things to enter. If you follow myself or Robert on Twitter, please send me a direct message on Twitter so I know you followed us for the purpose of the contest. I will announce the lucky winner on Wednesday, June 27.

Also, on Thursday, June 28, I will review Robert’s new book, Trial Junkies, the first in a new mystery series. Whether you’re a longtime fan of Robert’s or a newcomer to his work, be sure to check out Trial Junkies. You can find it on Amazon for only $3.99.

Good luck!

It’s time to Spring Into Horror

23 04 2012

I am happy to be a part of the Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon hosted by The True Book Addict at her Castle Macabre blog. You can sign-up anytime this week until Friday and find the info by clicking HERE. My fiance, Erin, is also hosting some mini-challenges and awesome book giveaways by horror, paranormal and fantasy authors at her blog. Click HERE to go to the site with details on the giveaways and then follow her blog to check back every day. But you must sign-up for the read-a-thon as a whole to win.

You just have to complete one scary-type book this week and any thrillers, mysteries, paranormal-type, or horror books apply for you to be able to enter for the final drawing. Just have fun with it. It’s a pretty laid back challenge. Which is good for me with my hours at work plus hours commuting and tball, softball and soccer practices. I’m sure you know the drill.

The book that I am reading for the Spring into Horror Read-a-Thon is Beckon by Tom Pawlik, a fellow Ohio author.  I had heard great things about his previous books and enjoy reading Christian authors that can delve into the deep side of humanity and the crevices of our mind. He’s known for thrillers with a touch of creepiness, which lends to fulfilling the scary requirement for this read-a-thon. Especially since there are creepy bugs … in a cave…

Here’s the book summary for Beckon:

Some things weren’t meant to be discovered.

Beneath the town of Beckon, a terror hides, lurking in the darkness. Waiting.

Three people are drawn to the small Wyoming town for very different reasons. Anthropologist Jack Kendrick comes to explore the surrounding caves — the last place his father was seen alive twelve years ago. Police officer Elina Gutierrez follows the trail of her missing cousin from L.A. until it goes cold in the near-deserted town. And George Wilcox, a wealthy businessman, is lured to a lodge on the bluff by the promise of a cure for his wife’s illness.

All are looking for answers. But as they draw closer to discovering the town’s chilling secret, the real question becomes . . . will any of them make it out alive?

Everyone is using the hashtag #SpringHorrorRAT on Twitter to talk it up. If you are on Twitter, join in the conversation and have a spooky good time.

What’s in a name?

23 04 2012

If, like me, you are a huge fan of thrillers by the likes of Steve Berry, Dan Brown or James Rollins, then you probably have noticed the same trend I have seen in book titles.

It goes a little something like this: Start with “The,” add the name of a place or person, and finally end with a noun, most commonly “code,” “conspiracy,” “secret,” “legacy” or “prophecy.” I am not sure if Dan Brown and his “The DaVinci Code” are to blame or not, but it certainly seems like since his book became a mega-hit seven years ago, many authors have decided to jump on the naming bandwagon.

Just last week, during my Wild Week of Reviews II, on consecutive days, I had books with the word “prophecy” in the title. Read the rest of this entry »

Karen Rae Busbey, March 16, 1954 – April 20, 2002

20 04 2012

Note: I am taking a break from my week of book reviews to remember my mom who died 10 years ago today. I will post my fifth book review of the week tomorrow, with more book reviews coming in the near future. I hope you will come back again and see what new books are lining my shelves or filling my Kindle Fire. Thank you all for taking the time to read my posts.

Ten years ago today, in the early morning hours of April 20, 2002, my mom, Karen Rae Busbey, lost her 6-month battle with pancreatic cancer. It’s no stretch to say that was the worst day in my life, and I hope it’s a long time before I have a day that tops it.

Even though it has now been 10 years since her death, it doesn’t get any easier to live without her. I still have dreams with her in them and wake up hoping for just a second that it was reality and she is still alive. I still have things happen where my first thought is, “I have to call my Mom and tell her that.” But then I remember that I can’t and she really is gone. But I hold on to my memories of her and how she influenced my life.

This is the third year I’ve written a blog post on the anniversary of her death. I want to find some way to remember my mom without merely repeating everything I’ve written the last two years. And even though I have a way with words, there are only so many ways you can say the same thing without getting repetitious. So I was struggling to find something new to say about my mom since I had already said a lot about what an amazing woman she was and what a profound influence she had on my life and the life of hundreds of other people in her life. You can read my last two blog posts here and here if you are interested. Read the rest of this entry »

Ebooks – The Revolution is Now

3 06 2011

Last month, Amazon announced that for the first time, they were selling more ebooks than print books on their website. After less than four years of selling digital books, the online retailer said that from April 1 through the middle of May they were selling 105 ebooks for every 100 printed books. This number excludes free ebooks, which would have tipped the scales even further in favor of ebooks. Printed books included paperback and hardcover books.

Of course, these stats only take Amazon’s numbers into account, not every book sale in the country, and Amazon is the largest ebook retailer in the country, accounting for an estimated two-thirds of U.S. ebook sales. The popularity of Amazon’s Kindle has certainly propelled the retailer’s digital sales. Amazon reports they are selling three times as many ebooks as they were a year ago. But you can’t discount the importance of these numbers. They definitely are a landmark, indicating a distinct shift in book readers’ buying habits.

Anyone involved in reading or writing books has certainly seen the writing on the digital wall and braced for the day when ebooks might completely replace the beloved printed word. But few, if any, predicted sales figures like these so quickly.

As I work on completing my first novel, “The Truth,” I’ve been debating what route to take with getting it published. At first, I was pretty certain I was going to hold out for a deal with a publishing house, at least for a while, then possibly self publish if no deal was available. Now, as I’ve seen the paths many other authors have followed in the past year, I have started to reconsider that stance.

Given these sales numbers from Amazon and the sales success I have seen my fellow authors have on Amazon and other sites, I can definitely see publishing my book as an ebook once it is done. Of course that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t keep pursuing a publishing deal or pursue self publishing the book so people can buy physical copies. But given the opportunity to have my book available for sale on Amazon and other sites and getting my book into more people’s hands (even if not literally), I think that may be the way to go.

As a writer, what I really want, more than making boatloads of money, is to have people read my story. I have something to say with my work, and I want people to read my work and understand and appreciate what I have to say. With the paradigm shift under way in the publishing industry, holding out for a publishing deal is no longer the only option, and maybe it’s not even the best option anymore, to getting your work out to the public. As the landscape continues to morph and shift, authors have to continually reassess what works for them and how to publish. Some self-publishers have been lucky enough to land huge mainstream deals. Other authors who have previously published with major publishing houses have now decided to try the self-publish/ebook route. All this is just evidence that there is no one right way to publish. What works for one person may not fit the goals and plans of another writer.

By the end of the summer, I will have completed my book. So I have a few more months to think about what I want to do with the finished product. No matter what path I take with the book, I hope that many people will have the chance to discover “The Truth.” Can you handle “The Truth?”

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