Book Review – 11/22/63 by Stephen King

13 11 2012


By Stephen King


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I like a lot of different kinds of books and have many different interests. So it’s no surprise that my “To Be Read” pile is much taller than my nearly 6-foot-frame. However, very few books contain as many of my top interests as Stephen King’s latest book released at the end of 2011, “11/22/63.” I love Stephen King books. I have been extremely interested in the assassination of John F. Kennedy since I was a teenager. And I love time travel stories. This book combines all three, so I had high hopes going into my reading of “11/22/63.” I was not disappointed.

If you are only a fan of King’s horror novels, you might be sad to know this book does not fit in that genre at all. This one is more science fiction, with a healthy dose of historical fiction and alternative history. However, even if you have never read any of King’s non-horror titles, you must give “11/22/63” a try. Read the rest of this entry »


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