Book Review – The Baker’s Wife by Erin Healy

12 10 2011

The Baker’s Wife

By Erin Healy

Thomas Nelson

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What would you do if you could feel someone else’s pain? I mean really, physically feel it, not just empathize with them. As a pastor’s wife, Audrey uses her sensitivity to reach out to those in need. When her husband loses his congregation in the wake of a scandal, their family attempts to move forward by reviving a failing bakery. Although she is no longer a pastor’s wife and is now the titular baker’s wife, Audrey continues to use her ability to reach out to those in need.

One foggy morning on the way to the bakery, Audrey and her son crash into a motor scooter. When she gets out of the car to see what happened, she finds lots of blood but no body. The “victim” turns out to be the wife of the police detective/church elder, Sgt. Jack Mansfield, who was behind the baker’s dismissal as pastor. Although there is no evidence linking Audrey to his wife’s disappearance, Jack becomes convinced of their guilt and takes desperate steps hoping to discover the truth. Read the rest of this entry »

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